Healthy Rentals

Habitat Auckland is the service provider for Healthy Rentals, a home support service funded by Auckland Council Local Boards.

What does this mean for you?

Well it’s all good news…………it’s a free in-home housing assessment providing tenants and landlords with energy saving tips and free interventions to help create a warm, dry and healthy home.

Landlords receive confidential recommendations on improvements and subject to criteria, subsidies for insulation, ground vapour barriers, extractor fans and heat pumps.

We can help you save up to $1000 per year* on your power bills and reduce winter coughs and colds. 

Check eligibility for the Healthy Rentals programme and find out how to book a free assessment by clicking.

Phone: 09 890 4610

What is the Healthy Rentals experience like?

Kathleen Elliott describes her experience of the team from Healthy Rentals visiting her home in this short film. 

Malo lava Yukio, Andrew and your amazing team

I am emailing you to thank you very much for your visits to our house and incredible additions such as checking our house for insulation, installing bubble wrap on the windows and on Tuesday, Andrew’s work of installing the new curtains, the carpet, bubble wrap for the windows, even clearing the gutter and installing the patio bolt on the back door.

Your warmth and great sense of humour in helping us improve the health of our daughter, whose room was like a fridge, has been a real blessing.

— Louise, Brent and Maja- Healthy Rental recipients

I’d totally recommend this service to anybody else, you don’t have to do anything yourself, they come in and do everything for you.

They make sure you have a much warmer home, with less moisture in the home with energy savings as well.
— Kathleen - Healthy Rentals Recipient