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We believe there is a crisis in housing. The escalating cost of housing means many Kiwis cannot afford to buy a home. What was once considered to be the Kiwi birthright, the right to own a home is lost for many families. The Government has committed to KiwiBuild, the building of 100,000 houses. We believe that housing availability alone, however, does not change the fact that the cost of entry to these houses is unaffordable for many households. We want the government to help fund a rent-to-buy scheme that would allow many more low-income families into their own homes. Everyone deserves a home they can call their own!


We believe

Right now, New Zealand’s housing market doesn’t deliver for everyone. 
That’s why Habitat for Humanity has joined forces with the Auckland Community Housing Providers’ Network. ACHPN is committed to promoting initiatives and projects that increase the supply of affordable, healthy, and quality housing options for the people of Auckland.

Across our network, we offer affordable rentals, home ownership options, social housing and emergency housing.

We are from the community, for the community. We work to support healthy families and communities by finding ways to deliver warm, dry and safe homes.